Monthly Archives: January 2013

Must. Have. Chocolate.


Ok, here’s the deal. I love chocolate. I know I’m not alone. Usually any chocolate will do. Today is different. I don’t know why today is different. Maybe because it’s the middle of the week. Maybe because it is cold and snow is on the ground. Maybe it’s because I need to be scrubbing my house from top to bottom to get it on the market. It doesn’t matter why. It just is. Today alone I’ve eaten chocolate chips, Thin Mints, and M&M cookie dough. Nope. None will do. And then genius struck!

My awesome hubby brought home from work some day old french bread. People, I needed decadence. I needed carbs, chocolate and cream. Please don’t judge me on this: I toasted a slice of french bread. I softened about 1/4 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips and spread them on the toasted bread. As if that was not enough, I spread about 2 teaspoons of cream cheese over the chocolate. SATISFIED!

I probably should have taken a picture to show you, but I was far more focused on eating the yumminess than blogging about it. So, if you want to see it, you need to make it yourself. I can never do this again. I will have to strike this dessert from my memory or I will be 100 pounds heavier by February.

Unfortunately, it’s time to re-focus on the task at hand. Call me crazy, but eating chocolate is more fun that cleaning.